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Credit CDU Is Invested In You

Revealing tips and secrets – empowering our clients. Traditional credit repair companies require meeting in person and revealing sensitive information. Credit CDU provides a simple, step-by-step process. We provide this information to our members at a low, flat rate.

Why You Should Choose Credit CDU

Empowering you, the consumer to take control of your credit, while saving thousands on rates and fees from traditional credit repair companies, allowing you to learn these techniques on your own time and do so in a more efficient and cost effective way.

What This Means For You

Buying a home, vehicle or starting a business are significant benchmarks. Bad credit prevents your ability to rent or purchase a home and even maintain stable employment. Opening a business is a dream for many and will remain a dream with poor credit.

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Our Clients Love Us

Considerably cheaper than the previous place I went through. Requires some attention to detail but definitely worth the money!

Jasmine Goosick

Took a little work but 3 months in I’m up 55 points! Most questions are answered with email, which makes it easy for me.

Leon Willis

I’ve paid a few companies to help me. CDU was incredibly easy and told me exactly what to do.  Thanks!

Barbara Wheeler

Ongoing credit health and wealth starts with cleaning up the wreckage.

At Credit CDU we empower you, the consumer to quickly and easily remove negative marks while teaching you how to protect the most important number in your life.


Purchase a Vehicle

Many consumers are unaware of how low-performing credit can impact their ability to secure an auto loan. Most find themselves bouncing from car lot to car lot. A minor cleanup can often boost your score tens or hundreds of points.

Increase Your Existing Credit Limit

While CDU specializes in teaching you how to remove items that hurt your score, we want to show you how to gain new credit and stabilize. Credit CDU offers premium access – ongoing education, as well as free content published regularly.

Purchase a Home

The American Dream is to own a home. New or aged negative marks can make this dream a nightmare. CDU helps you pinpoint accounts that must be removed or be improved to help your chances of owning your own home.

Get a Credit Card

The thought of adding or getting your first credit card can be scary. If managed properly and used for the right things, a credit card can be helpful and more times than not a lifesaver, emergency-fixer and more so a credit-builder.

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