How It Works

In today’s world, your credit is your best financial asset.

Are you having a difficult time getting approved for a home loan, auto loan or even a cell phone? The average American’s credit score is 704 with fair credit starting at 640 and good credit at 720. It’s easy to see why many Americans struggle to obtain the “American Dream.” Owning your own home and vehicle is possible for everyone, even for those with less than perfect or bad credit.

Poor credit will hinder your ability to open a business and in some cases, secure stable employment. Many individuals are not aware of the repercussions that stretch far beyond getting approved for a home or auto loan. In today’s world, your credit is your best financial asset.

Be in control of your credit, future and life.

At a fraction of the cost of credit repair companies, Credit CDU will provide all tools to begin removing errors and aged accounts on your credit report that damage your credit score. Why invest hundreds or even thousands into a credit repair company for something everyone is capable of handling on their own?

Our simple, effective system puts you firmly in control of your credit, future and life. Credit CDU provides full access to our complete system – no contracts, gimmicks, hidden fees or hoops to jump through. Credit CDU teaches our clients how to rebuild and manage their credit while offering ongoing training to better manage credit health.

Traditional credit repair companies charge thousands. At Credit CDU, we provide our clients with an inexpensive, simplified, do-it-yourself credit repair option. Using a more cost-effective solution. We provide a better customer experience and keep more money in your pocket. The last thing you need when trying to rebuild your life is to waste more money.

ONLY $149 for full credit repair!

Become one of the many people we help live a better life.