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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Credit CDU is in no way affiliated with any credit bureaus or credit agencies.

No, Credit CDU provides no guarantees of increase in credit scores. We provide our customers a tested, proven platform to clean up negative marks on their credit report. Results vary depending on what is contained within your personal credit file and how diligently you work the process and follow up.

No, Credit CDU is supplying you the same tools and forms traditional credit repair companies use at a fraction of the cost.

No, Credit CDU has no access to your personal credit profile or credit report?

No, Credit CDU will NEVER ask you for any personal information.

Most consumers see results after round 1, many see changes in the hundreds with their credit score after multiple rounds of disputes.

Most customers should be finished with the dispute process within 4 months.

Yes, results tend to be better the first go-round, but you have unlimited access to all forms.

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