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Removing negative marks from your report is the first step to reviving your credit health. Properly rebuilding your credit profile is equally as important. Credit CDU advises when to apply and what to apply for, managing your credit inquiries, safe plays and what your score means for chances of approval. Most content is free. Paid members receive access to the full suite of products offered by Credit CDU.

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Credit CDU specializes in teaching you ways to better manage the most important number in your life. The inability to purchase a home, vehicle or even secure your dream job weighs heavy on many. CDU helps you lift that weight and enhance your life at minimal cost.

Traditional credit repair companies require an excessive amount of communication and access to your personal information. Credit CDU empowers the consumer to take these same steps on their own, on their time.

The feeling of accomplishment when removing negative marks and rebuilding the credit profile on your own is indescribable and extremely powerful. So much so, we feel the results are better and you save thousands in the process!

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