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Hi, and welcome to your credit repair journey! We feel strongly that when you are at the helm and in firm control – the investment is greater, the focus is sharper and ultimately the results are better!
I started Credit CDU because of my own personal credit repair journey. What I uncovered are the many ways to resolve your negative credit remarks and start the rebuilding process. Once I determined that traditional credit repair companies were not in my best interest, I start looking for cost-effective, do-it-yourself options.
This is what led to the start of Credit CDU. I was determined to start a company that would provide much more than credit cleanup. While credit repair is the cornerstone of the business, learning how to rebuild, and what to avoid once positive traction is made, is equally as important. Let’s briefly talk about what traditional credit repair companies look like.
A list of things I liked about traditional credit repair:
  • The opportunity to improve my credit and better my life.
  • That’s it. That’s the list.

A list of things I disliked about traditional credit repair:

  • The lack of anonymity (embarrassment)
  • Commuting every month to the credit repair facility
  • Giving sensitive information (social sec. card/birth certificate/passport)
  • Over-inflated prices. Essentially overpaying for documents
  • Dependent on someone else with my future

This was not working for me. Imagine a world where you can control your own future at a fraction of the price. This is that world. Welcome to Credit CDU.

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